Ymca Agreement

I acknowledge the waiver and membership agreement set forth above and understand the mission of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads and apply for membership. Note: Parents or guardians must sign if the applicant is under the age of 18. Don`t know your barcode? Send info@austinymca.org your name and date of birth by email. The YMCA of South Hampton Roads is committed to providing you, your family and guests with a safe environment and programs. The YMCA offers exciting programs that improve lives and include exercise, travel, learning and sport. However, these programs are necessarily associated with a certain risk. The purpose of this Agreement is to obtain your consent to assume these risks on your own behalf and on behalf of any child or other minor for whom you are legally responsible and to ensure that you are aware of and comply with certain YMCA safety and other policies. We look forward to seeing you again! BEFORE we set foot and return to our YMCA, we ask our members to read and sign our updated membership agreement. Only one agreement is required per accession. NO UNAUTHORIZED TRAINING/COACHINGPersonal training at our facilities (or related programs), including instruction and coaching, is a Y-based service that requires specific skill or training to prevent and prevent injuries. The risk of liability for these activities in YMCA facilities and programs rests with the YMCA. As such, these activities are reserved as an exclusive Y service.

The YMCA does not allow non-YMCA employees to participate in training, instruction or coaching for a fee or free of charge in YMCA facilities or programs. Other YMCA employees may only perform these activities as part of the duties assigned to them during their authorized work schedule. Limited exceptions may be permitted if prior written authorization is granted by an authorized representative of the YMCA. Examples may include: parents/guardians working with their own children/relatives, contractual leases specifically for coaching or training activities, etc., provided there is a low risk of liability. DISCLAIMER / DISCLAIMER · I understand that there is a risk of serious injury associated with the use of YMCA facilities, participation in YMCA programs, and the use of training and other equipment. As a condition of my membership, I agree to assume the risk of injury arising from my use of facilities, programs, equipment and any other matters at YMCA locations or programs whenever this occurs. On my own behalf and on behalf of my own and my heirs, directors and executors, I hereby release and indemnify the YMCA and its officers, trustees, employees, agents and contractors from all such claims of injury and damage. I understand that without this agreement, I would not be allowed to participate in a YMCA program or use any YMCA facility or equipment. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen property. I authorize the AKron Region YMCA or its agents, organizations and contractors to create and use statements, photos, slides and videotapes of me or my family for their recordings or marketing and public relations programs. I have read and understood the above information.

In addition, I understand and agree that the membership terms and disclaimer are in effect during my membership in the AKRON Region YMCA. I also understand and accept that if accession is interrupted for any reason, these agreements will remain in force for the duration of the interruption as well as after the restoration of membership. As part of our reopening efforts, the YMCA of Greater Houston has updated the membership agreements we need for our members. Our new agreement includes information about our response to COVID-19, as well as local, state, and cdc guidelines followed by staff and members at all centers. The contract can be concluded by clicking on the button below. The Austin YMCA has updated its membership agreement. All members are invited to sign the agreement before digitization and training. To sign the updated agreement, you will need your barcode, which can be found on your key fob.

In order to implement these guidelines, we ask members and participants to identify themselves to employees when asked to do so. Compliance with the YMCA Code of Conduct policy is essential. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, which may include immediate eviction from premises, loss of privileges, suspension or exclusion. The YMCA may contact the police or other authorities for assistance or to take appropriate legal action. The CEO or other authorized representative will determine, in his or her sole discretion, whether there has been a violation of the YMCA Code of Conduct for Members/Participants. Members and participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their personal comfort and safety by asking anyone whose behaviour threatens their comfort or inappropriately interferes with their enjoyment of the YMCA to refrain from such behaviour. Anyone who feels uncomfortable confronting someone directly is encouraged to report any issues or concerns to the YMCA staff, who are always ready to help. Members and participants are also encouraged to alert the CEO of any issues or concerns they have that apply to employees of the Dow Bay Area Family YMCA. Every effort will be made to ensure that reports are investigated and resolved quickly and efficiently.

*Note: Please keep the barcode nearby to fill it out. You can find your barcode on your membership card or you can call the Y to get your barcode. MASKS: Members who are fully vaccinated can enter the YMCA facilities without a mask. Masks are always highly recommended for all members, participants and guests in common areas, as our YMCAs welcome people of all ages, many of whom cannot be vaccinated. In the event of an emergency, I authorize Region Y to provide first aid through qualified personnel and to receive emergency medical treatment for each person on this membership list. I am responsible for all costs incurred for care and transportation by ambulance to the hospital emergency room. TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Temperature checks are required in our ymca day camp and holiday programs. Ymca After-School Daycare will follow all school district guidelines. Registration and Billing: Members can change how they charge their account and sign up for programs by visiting the My Account section of our website. Coronavirus, covid-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily through face-to-face contact. Federal and state agencies recommend social distancing as a way to prevent the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 can lead to serious illness, bodily injury, permanent disability and death. Participation in YMCA programs or access to YMCA facilities may increase the risk of COVID-19 infection. The YMCA of South Hampton Roads does not warrant in any way that COVID-19 infection will not occur through participation in YMCA programs or access to YMCA facilities. ADULT members of the AKron Area YMCA can bring up to 2 (two) individual guests per day or 1 (one) family, defined as 2 adults and loved ones up to the age of 26 living in the same household, as a membership benefit….