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This process often becomes confusing, because even if you own the copyright to the script itself, the voice actor legally owns the rights to its actual performance. This licensing method is usually used as «use». specifically. You pay for the use of the recordings. For more information, see the additional details in the text on this page. A license primarily describes the rights to use a voice recording. When you produce a professional recording of your voice for a project, you naturally hold the performance rights. By hiring and paying you, the customer authorizes the use of this recording. «This groundbreaking agreement, developed following months of consultations with UK-based actors, agents and studios, reflects best practices and a shared desire to deliver excellence in a safe and supportive work environment,» said Laurence Bouvard, voice actor and Chair of Equity`s Screen & New Media Committee.

«This document has long been desperately needed to take advantage of the opportunities offered to artists in the growing gaming industry, and we are grateful to everyone who has worked hard with us to achieve this. We have no doubt that other studios will soon follow Mark`s lead in signing this deal and helping to further elevate the visibility of the already thriving UK gaming industry on the world stage. If the actor you hire is not a member of SAG-AFTRA, the letter of agreement does not apply. In addition, the sections of the contract dealing with SAG-AFTRA — in blue italics — would not form part of a contract. Thank you for that, Hugh. This will help me educate my clients about the cost of voiceover. «I am deeply grateful for the dedication of the voice actors who took the initiative and did the groundwork that triggered the necessary consultation between industry producers, shareholders and agents,» said Mark Estdale, Vocal Director and Ceo of OMUK. Keep in mind that using a talented, high-quality, professional speaker for your product comes at a cost, but in return, you`ll get better performance for your products, greater perceived professionalism for your brand, and you`ll increase the audience`s perception of your business in general. If those involved in the project I was hired for, such as the actor(s), editor, composer, producer, etc., are credited, I should also be credited as a vocal talent. This information may include confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets. Learn more about the role of non-disclosure agreements in dubbing. The license addresses the rights of use around your voice recording, including the medium by which your voice is heard and the duration of use of the voice recording.

For example, voice recordings broadcast as part of a local radio or television spot for a standard 13 weeks require a different license than a voice recording used in an Internet advertisement that has a global reach and can extend over a much longer period. An exclusivity agreement governs the type of jobs that voiceover talent can take on after working with the client. For example, a customer like Nike may not allow a voice actor they`ve hired to work with a major competitor like Adidas. The customer will probably want to clarify this in advance by establishing exclusivity. Britain`s multi-billion pound video game industry is one of the country`s largest employers of performance talent, but so far there has been no deal to protect workers. My voiceover rates are based on a number of variables: the medium (radio, television, internet), the market (local, national, international), the duration, the type and the use of the audio. The file you will receive can only be used for the purposes specified in your application and for the duration and the contract that we have agreed in advance, unless a redemption commission has been negotiated. If you wish to change the initial goal, time and market, you must inform me of your intentions and an additional payment will be required. Important: As long as the invoice has not been paid in full, the intellectual property of the audio (not the script) remains with me. Common factors in voiceover licensing with voiceover recordings are: I always strive to meet or exceed a project deadline so that you can have the audio you ordered at the agreed time. In return, I ask you to make sure that the invoice is paid on the date indicated on the invoice, whether or not you have received payment from the voiceover of the client you work for.

Today, I`m going to touch on something that colleagues who are relatively new to the voice-over industry often ask me. They want to know if I have some kind of working agreement with my clients. I hope you found this guide on voiceover license of voice over recording useful and wish you good luck in your projects. Voice actors must also be informed of possible voice loads, with at least five minutes of rest time per hour prescribed. If you`re someone who hires voice actors for your business or projects, you may find something confusing about how the «usage» system works. Voiceover licensing can be quite complicated if you haven`t already, and at first glance, it can look like random characters out of nowhere! When you start a business relationship with a client, all expectations, clauses and obligations must be understood and acknowledged in a written agreement before you start recording. This includes confirming irregular pronunciations, word counts, receiving the final draft of the writing, and the cost of revisions if necessary. As you gain traction in your dubbing career and start booking more work, you`ll inevitably come across a variety of dubbing contracts and agreements. In particular, the first such agreement sets out minimum fees and conditions for the engagement of voice actors.

The hope is that other studios will follow suit. In the end, voiceover is not that different from other types of contract work. Would a reputable contractor, such as a plumber or electrician, begin their work before reaching a final agreement on specifications and scope of work? In Narrator, no different from many other workspaces, it`s best to put everything in writing. The contract and consent form published here were drafted by his lawyer with the actor and SAG-AFTRA. The SFWA Contracts Committee publishes both the contract and the Memorandum of Understanding with SAG-AFTRA as a guide for authors. Most scripts go through a lot of drafts before landing on my desktop. I guess the script you give me is the FINAL and OFFICIALLY APPROVED version. I will read and record this. Once this registration is completed and received, payment is due within the time indicated on the invoice. One of the first things I tell them is that I am a member of the World Voices Organization and I subscribe to best practices for voice talent. I believe in this new organization and want my clients to know that I am committed to providing voiceover recordings that meet the professional standards adopted and promoted by World Voices.

«Without their work, this agreement would not exist. This agreement is relevant for all those who work in and for the gaming industry. Like TV, stage and film agreements, it creates clarity on payment and best practices. Without this decision, the gaming industry would remain the «Wild West» of the media, even though it is now probably the largest employer of talent. When working with clients, you are often asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), sometimes called a confidentiality agreement (CA). These are legal contracts between at least two parties that contain confidential material, knowledge or information that the parties wish to share with each other but wish to restrict access to or by third parties. In these contracts, the parties agree not to disclose the information collected by the agreement. OMUK, the UK-based studio responsible for the deal, has credits in areas such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Demon`s Souls, the horror games The Medium and Blair Witch, as well as the Telltale Game of Thrones series. A supplier contract is a legal agreement that clearly sets out the terms of the work to be performed by a contractor. Key points included in a supplier agreement include the date, time and place where services are to be provided. An agreement with the supplier is usually accompanied by a Statement of Work (SD). A supplier will not start working without an acceptable form of service description.

A supplier contract becomes valid and enforceable if the customer and the seller sign the contract in the original. The easiest way to understand the voiceover licenses of sequences in your products is to use the direct analogy of the film industry. Getting a customer`s signature is as simple as sending them the agreement, whether it`s through a service like DocuSign, an email, or a fax machine. A phone call or email to confirm that they have received the document is a good idea and will keep the ball in your court. The agreement should be signed and dated by both parties. .